Our Story


Mr. Johnston Galloway started selling dried fruits and nuts out of a small food cart in 1936, when Gastown was powered by steam and the city of Vancouver was barely fifty years old. As the city changed, so did Galloway’s, stocking everything from European specialty foods to herbs and spices imported from around the world. 

When the Muljiani family arrived in the 1970s as refugees from Uganda, they decided to buy the store from Mr. Galloway, hoping to make Canada their new home. Back in Uganda, the family had run a similar market, importing spices and delicacies from around the Indian Ocean. They brought with them a knowledge of quality ingredients and a wholesome approach to food that would eventually make Galloway’s into a local institution. 

Over the years, the small shop on Vancouver’s Robson Street, known around the city for its variety and attention to detail, became part of the fabric of Vancouver: a true picture of the globe. 

Galloway’s is synonymous with quality ingredients and continues to strive towards providing its customers with the best, wholesome food the world has to offer. 

Our Brand

Tasha-Aliya Kara, Nabat Muljiani, and Annie Muljiani

Tasha-Aliya Kara, Nabat Muljiani, and Annie Muljiani


Meet Annie.


annie@gallowaysfoods.com || 778.288.6344

Annie Muljiani has worked with the family business since the age of twelve in various areas - from packaging (making 5 cents a package) and retail customer service to marketing, accounting, and sourcing products from around the world. With over forty years of experience with Galloway’s, Annie has expert product knowledge and a wide array of contacts.

Always passionate about food, Annie became increasingly concerned about how food was produced and manufactured. She did not just read labels, she dug deep and called her suppliers to demand more information about gluten, dye, preservatives, additives, and genetically modified foods. 

Annie is starting fresh and now bringing back her vision of a new and clean food business. Her break from the business has made her even more aware of how food is sourced, imported and sold to the market. 

Annie wants to be the trusted source of clean, healthy food. She wants her customers never to worry about reading a label.