Robson Street, Vancouver, 1970.

Robson Street, Vancouver, 1970.

Our Brand.

When Akbar and Nabat came to Canada as refugees in the 1970s, they couldn’t bring much with them. Somehow, they managed to pack a few out of the ordinary necessities for their new home: a round, cast iron pan and a thin wooden rolling pin. Both were essential tools for making roti, the Indian flatbread often eaten alongside staple dishes like mung bean curry. 

Thousands of miles away, they could now recreate the simple meals they used to share, but in their new home: Vancouver. At Galloway’s, we believe that eating - and cooking, of course - is meant to nourish the soul as well as the body, and that wholesome ingredients are part of a full and balanced life. We hand select our ingredients based on where they come from, their countless health benefits, but most importantly on their ability to contribute to a wholesome and rewarding lifestyle. 

Nabat and Akbar brought with them a commitment to quality ingredients and appreciated the importance of sharing a home-cooked, wholesome meal together. The business they ran for decades, Galloway’s Wholesome Foods, is now in the hands of their daughter and granddaughter - but not much has changed. The ethic of providing sustainable and wholesome ingredients to people who love to eat remains… as does the rolling pin! 

In a world where it’s become increasingly difficult to eat well and eat affordably, Galloway’s stands out as the exception. Our products gather together some of the worlds most healthful staples - from lentils to ancient grains, Indian dals to Mediterranean chickpeas - these are the sorts of foods that have sustained people for centuries. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts, and neither should you. Eating wholesome is also about cooking wholesome, and that means using ingredients that have gone through a minimal level of processing and preparation, and grown under the best conditions.